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The firm recognises the role that business can play in contributing to self-determination and stability through using the power of economic growth to cross long-standing fault lines in communities. High profile examples exist around the world of business serving as a force for good – from Northern Island to Bosnia to Colombia – where business contributions to job creation and local economic development have had a direct and measurable impact on reducing conflict and contributing to peacebuilding efforts.

Businesses with business models which intentionally operate across community divide such as through their ownership, employment and sourcing policies as well their internal profit models (cooperatives, employee stock ownership plans, social enterprises, and other community-based organisations that employ asset lock models) will be prioritised.

The geographic focus remains open but could prioritise Sub Saharan African and include thematics such as Financial Inclusion / FinTech, Agribusiness, Healthcare, Energy Access, Water and Sanitation as long as these businesses have a clear and measurable contribution to community cohesion and long-term stability.

This first pilot stage will serve to build Impetus’ track record and expertise as an impact investor with a focus on cross-community development.

More and more we are seeing support for the potential that private sector companies can make in reconciliation efforts. For instance, the World Economic Forum recently released a report using case studies from Sri Lanka, Nepal, El Salvador and Northern Ireland to demonstrate areas for impact, responsibilities and contentions to consider. International Alert has also corroborated this trend by focusing on Uganda and the “Businesses for Peace” Model focused on specific operational and pragmatic recommendations. One of the most important explanations behind is highlighted by the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre by highlight the necessities for post-conflict reconstruction.


International communities organisation (ICO) as a leading network for convening, research and advocacy around rights-based approaches to community development. This ICO has developed a strong track record in supporting communities and minorities achieve self-determination which