We Cash Up

800 million people remain unbanked on the African continent. This greatly limits financial transactions and SMEs. We Cash Up has created a payment gateway that uses AI and Blockchain to enable digital companies to accept all types of payments thus enabling merchants to accept Cash, Mobile Money, Bank mobile wallets, Cards and Cryptocurrency payments. We Cash Up has already enabled thousands of users in 27 countries on the continent and 27 other countries globally via a single API integration and they intend to reach many more. 

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Cameroon has struggled to increase formal sector capacity and therefore is unable to absorb young and skilled graduates desperately looking for opportunities. To address the worrying level of youth unemployment in the country, Cameroonian founder Junior Kamla has developed an innovative tech platform to connect professionals to those in need of their service. This mobile app has been designed to use less than 2mb of memory space and to work offline. The platform also mitigates language barriers by offering translation tools for users. 

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