“Emerging markets manifest different demographic trends than the rest: “an abundance of human capital with bright ideas”


We Offer Businesses The Following

  • Equity and/or debt investment: that is tailored to their needs and projections
  • Research: on the local markets, sector and other political/economic areas by connecting with academics and experts when needed. 
  • Operational activities including project management, mentoring, and strategy consulting 
  • Governance by assisting to build an effective governance structure 
  • Financial accounting to monitor progress and ensure financial compliance 



VEM principles are expressed in our LEAN framework:


Local knowledge & local impact: To create social change and innovative solutions, business practices or profits have to be geared towards local needs. VEM aims to mobilize rigorous research and engagement within localities to tailor impact aims and monitoring. Collaboration is, therefore, at the centre of VEM’s ethos. Collaboration on a local level is part of our commitment to developing sector expertise which drives performance by understanding the specific sectors where our portfolio companies operate. It allows us to identify exciting, lesser-known opportunities earlier.  By increasing local decision-making and local support, we can also be empowered to respond to changing realities on the ground. 

Advancement and Amelioration: Our impact thesis is fundamentally rooted in making the world a better place through engaging with innovative ventures; VEM aims to advance capacity for social change through our multi-sector approach and our focus on education, healthcare and energy. We hope that this will improve the capacity and practice of the sectors we deploy capital into in the long run.  

Entrepreneurship: Emerging markets manifest different demographic trends than the rest: “an abundance of human capital with bright ideas”. Supporting entrepreneurship in emerging markets is, therefore, necessary and VEM can do this by ensuring flexible capital deployment for SMEs as well as technical support and advice.

New partnerships: VEM aims to continue to develop partnership with market experts, product development expertise and other like-minded sustainable entities. To ensure both financial returns for investors and social impact, an understanding of the markets goes beyond statistical metrics. To grasp socio-political context and cultural factors, as well as demographic trends which make a region a compelling location for investors in search of growth and social transformation, requires a range of partnerships to uncover. From academic partners, consultancy experts, and local civil society organisations, VEM pledges to continuously reach out. This includes having feedback loops in place and communicating performance information to support others in the investment chain to manage towards impact.