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SMEs Incubator

Valens Emerging Markets in partnership with Management International University (MIU). MIU is opening an online school to provide affordable online education in Entrepreneurship, Business and Management to students. In developing countries, MIU - in collaboration with institutions on the ground - is delivering its courses free of charge. MIU also provides technical assistance to these institutions with limited internet access and technology to provide students with the opportunities to learn about business as well as to equip students with the technical proficiency they need to succeed in their own ventures or in the world of work.

MIU prides itself in creating courses that are both theoretical sound and pratically minded. This is why the course's final assignment requires students to develop and defend a business plan. For the best business plans, MIU is able to provide incubator services to the businesses. As a result of our partnership with MIU, these incubator services will also be availlable to SMEs that are part of the VEM portfolio.

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