More and more individuals recognise that financial returns and positive social impact can go hand in hand. Valens Emerging Market (“VEM”) is a part of this group

Investing in Emerging Markets

VEM is a commercial investment company that deploys capital in a diverse number of deals with the aim of producing an above-market return for its clients but its more than that. A focus on emerging markets taps into a commitment to Impact Investment connecting financial markets with the real economy.  By delivering on commercial interest for clients and unleash the power of public and private capital to yield benefits in emerging markets contributing to economic growth in those localities.

VEM uses carefully crafted criteria and sticking rigorous standards for business practices, VEM harnesses the innovative potential within emerging markets in pursuit of achieving sustainable development goals.

The company is expected to deploy £150 million and approximately £5-7 million of those funds will be invested into a smaller impact investment fund, Impetus. The rest of the funds will be deployed in low-middle and middle-income countries that have a track record of financial stability.

The regions we target are Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa


To achieve our aims VEM operates in a tripartite structure:

  • VEM 
  • Impetus 
  • IcoImpact

Due to our commitment to research and local engagement we look beyond financial instruments. As a result, we are able to support businesses which contribute to bettering economic prosperity for all, that seek innovative solutions and that at times, operate in circumstances that conventional investors would otherwise overlook or dismiss.

To monitor impact in a tangible way we have considered a number of environmental, social and governance metrics to draw up measurable outcomes in line with our principles.

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Our aim is to channel private wealth towards the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

  • No poverty
  • Good Health and Well-Being
  • Gender Equality
  • Reduced Inequalities
  • Decent work and economic growth 

The Investment Company also diversifies its portfolio by sector. 

  • Infrastructure 
  • Property and Construction 
  • Energy 
  • Healthcare and Education 
  • Agriculture 
  • Finance 
  • Manufacturing 
  • SMEs (through Impetus)