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The Link Between Investment and Reconciliation

This report explores the link between investment and reconciliation. The first section of the report sets out the causal relationship between investment, economic development and poverty.

When economic development spurs on opportunities that can benefit people across societal lines, create long-term employment, training and improves communities access to key products and services, a positive impact on peace can be observed.

The second section of the report sets out potential models for private sector actors seeking to support SDG 16. Section 3 then develops the model further by using the work of ICO-impact as a case study for employing innovative finance as means to support peace and reconciliation before discussing risks. The last section of this report seeks to consolidate the findings to assess the most impactful way to invest in the country.

The report concludes that investment has the potential to improve living standards, empower communities and further reconciliation. However, it is not an easy and linear trajectory, rather strategies such as innovative finance require mitigation strategies across all risks. Models used should be arrived at collaboration with local stakeholders and actors must in a reiterative process of analysis of conflict sensitivities to ensure that private investments do not exacerbate existing tensions or create new ones.

Ethics Lab Paper
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